What is 3D pen, it’s working, and uses

3D pen from the name you can say that it is related to three-dimensional stuff and you are correct. A 3d pen is a pen that is used to draw out three-dimensional images in free air. It is an amazing technology invented by scientists.

Principle of 3d pen

A 3d pen is an object which works on the principle of heating and cooling material. The thing is that it works on the substance used which is heated and then cooled. A glue-like substance is used in it. This material before coming out of the pen is first heated so that it is melted. When it is melted it comes out of the pen, solidifies and after that, it can make amazing 3d dimensional stuff in thin air.


The most important thing in the working of the pen is that the material should be such that it can easily be melted and solidified. If the material used in the pen does not have such kind of ability then the pen will not work as a 3d pen.


After the invention of such amazing technology, it caught the eye of all the people. It was due to its amazing ability of 3-dimensional printing in thin air. People started to think that there are a lot of possibilities for using this amazing technology.

Different uses

Artists started using this pen in their manner that is using it for art and beauty purposes. Architectural people started to use it for making 3d maps. Mathematicians, physicists, biologists, and other fields started to use it in their studies. I mean it’s a great source to save a lot of time.

Write in different planes

The thing about these pens is that they can write in three different planes at a single time that is the x-axis, the y-axis, and the z-axis. These pens attract customers due to their 3d properties. It also gives off a unique and amazing look. Its beauty of creativity is so amazing it makes a person speechless.

Possibilities of uses 3d pen

If you have one of these pens just thinking about the possibilities of things you can do with it can make you quite excited. This excitement is for real. It could make your life quite stylish and cool. You might have learned about 3d objects in schools and colleges but having a pen that can write 3d is another thing. It could also make you learn, what is 3d.

You can buy then online

These pens are available on Alibaba online shop where you can get it. They are not even costly. These pens are made such materials which are heat insulated only the material that is used for 3d printing is a heat conductor which is why it melts quite amazingly.

If you are interested in having one of these pens then I would recommend buying it from the Alibaba shop. They provide the best 3d pens available. Their price is also not very much on this online shop. Their delivery services are also very great.


After reading the above article you might have concluded that the 3d pen is an amazing technology that can make the creativity in people’s minds come to life. Its uses are so vast that thinking about it might be like thinking for eternity. Buying and having one of these could make your life quite enjoyable and exciting.

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