Is There an Alternative to Artificial Intelligence?

Is There an Alternative to Artificial Intelligence?!

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the ability for machines to possess intelligence and exercise thought. It has been used to improve many technologies, including the voice-controlled Siri on Apple products. Through progressive learning algorithms, AI can learn new patterns and apply them to new situations. In other words, AI can learn chess strategies and even make recommendations to improve your shopping experience. It is also capable of teaching itself new skills, including complex tasks, such as determining how much money you should spend on a product.

As long as humans are capable of performing tasks that AI does not, there is a good chance that we can develop an artificial intelligent system that will be able to take over those jobs. While achieving Godel unlimited mathematical abilities and rule-free flexibility is difficult, it is not impossible. AI systems could never reach the level of general human intelligence, but the first step is already here. Ultimately, AI can be a boon for humankind, and we should be looking for it in the near future.

General AI could be an algorithm that matches a task. Specialized services could use algorithms to perform certain tasks. A central AI would be like a search engine, searching for the closest match and calling upon a series of subroutines. The goal is to create AI that can mimic human decision making and intelligence, but doesn’t replace human workers. Using a simple algorithm like SAS, the development of AI could be rapid and affordable, especially compared to the current models.

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