Choosing a Lens for Shooting Watches and Jewelry

If you are planning to take pictures of precious pieces such as watches and jewelry, you may need a lens with a close focus. To do this, you should choose a macro lens, which can focus even closer than other lenses. If you want to photograph jewelry in its close-up mode, a 105mm macro lens is a good choice. With a minimum distance of 0.31m, this lens offers excellent detail reproduction, with a double zoom factor and a triple-digit 35mm equivalent.

When choosing a lens for shooting jewelry, you should pay attention to the minimum focus distance, as well as the maximum macro focus distance. In addition, the lens should have a minimum focusing distance of 0.28m. Ideally, the minimum focus distance is less than half of this distance. This will allow you to take close-up shots of delicate pieces, such as watches and necklaces, without distorting their appearance.

If you are interested in taking photographs of fine jewelry, you should consider the higher-end camera models. While the higher-end cameras may provide more dynamic range and speed, the kit lenses should be sufficient for most situations. For those who don’t need a professional-grade camera, you can consider purchasing a macro lens to photograph small pieces. If you have a DSLR, it is a good idea to get more than one lens because of its compatibility.

In addition to macro lenses, you should consider buying a camera that has a wide aperture. Generally, jewelry photography is best done with a macro lens. Macro lenses enable you to magnify your subject up to one-half its original size. You should check the lens’s manual to see if it is suitable for the purpose. A wide aperture is important for jewelry photography, and many beginner lenses are too narrow.

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