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Can I Buy a Game in GameStop and Play it and Then Return It?

If you have ever wondered, “Can I buy a game in GameStop, play it, and then return it?”, you’re not alone. In fact, many people have been caught cheating in GameStop stores, selling used consoles under false pretenses, and buying games they wouldn’t finish in a week. This new GameStop policy was put into place to prevent these customers from abusing the system and ripping off the store.

The good news is that you can. GameStop now has a Guarantee to Love It policy that allows customers to return games for a full store credit if they don’t like them. The program was originally reported by Cheap Ass Gamer, but has been confirmed by the Verge. It launches with the release of Days Gone and is already making headlines on various websites.

There are a few ways to get a refund from GameStop if you are unsure of the quality of the game. The first method is to buy used games. GameStop allows customers to exchange games and return discs for full refunds within 7 days of purchase. This option is especially useful for people who want to try out new games before they make the decision to purchase them.

If you decide to return the game after you purchase it, you need to follow their refund policy. You should return the game with the receipt and in its original packaging. You also need to have all the accessories that came with the game. Gamestop reserves the right to refuse the refund if the game is opened. If the game is defective, you can get it exchanged for another game or receive a full refund. Gamestop also offers a 30 day warranty and reimburses shipping costs.

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